Well heeled women


New research out today reveals that the average British woman steps out of the house wearing clothes and accessories worth over £1,0501.

The study of 3,000 Brits by esure home insurance shows that dapper gents aren’t far behind the ladies, as most men kit themselves out in gear valued at £9602. But despite dressing up to the nines, most of those surveyed admitted they don’t even splash out on designer gear.

The poll reveals that women usually wear lingerie worth £27, a £4 pair of socks, trousers or a skirt worth £30, a £23 top and a cardigan or jumper costing £39. They will then add a splash of accessories to their outfit - jewellery worth £379 and a £76 watch. Adding to this some final touches, women will complete themselves by donning their favourite coat worth £65 and shoes valuing £51.

Finally, women will swing out of the door grabbing their handbag worth £107, a purse which contains about £1463, and a mobile phone costing £106 will be slipped into her pocket. The basic outfit already totals £1,052.85.

Nikki Sellers, Head of home insurance at esure, said: "While celebrities wouldn’t be seen out of doors without their designer handbags and clothes, this survey shows that a grand is enough to give most British men and women the feel-good factor. Women clearly spend more on their appearance than men, but in fact modern men pay nearly as much attention and money on their outfits as women.

No matter what sex you are, the cost of what a person puts on top of their Birthday Suit is relatively high when they leave their house and in the evening, when people dress to impress, the value of their appearance soars."

The survey found that the average male starts his day by putting on his underwear worth £6, £4 socks, trousers worth £36, shirt or top valued at £30, and a jacket or jumper worth £44. On a working day men will accessorise with a tie costing £12, a watch worth £109, and jewellery to the tune of £166. They will then prepare to leave the house by putting on a coat worth £67 and shoes costing £52.

Just before a man waves goodbye to his partner or children, he will pick up a briefcase worth £118, wallet which contains up to £190 and a mobile phone worth £124. Before you know it, this ordinary man is worth an astonishing £959.01.

Nikki Sellers further added: "The price tag associated with outfits, matching accessories, shoes and then a fully loaded bag can be considerable. That’s where the importance of having the right home contents insurance comes in. It’s crucial not to underestimate the cost to replace a bulging wardrobe."

Seven in 10 people polled said the value of their outfit rises when they go out at the weekend or in the evening. The average person estimates their outfit goes up by between £50 and £70 - as folk save their most expensive jewellery for special occasions and best clothes for out of work.

The cost of a man's and a woman's outfit
Cost of: Man £ Woman £
Trousers / skirt 36.05 30.46
Shirt / top 29.90 22.83
Jacket / cardigan 44.13 38.85
Coat 67.13 64.75
Underwear 5.97 26.61
Socks / tights 3.72 3.90
Shoes 51.61 51.21
Tie 11.79 0
Watch 109.44 76.49
Jewellery 166.32 378.82
Wallet / purse 190.45 146.29
Mobile phone 124.55 106.06
Briefcase / Handbag 117.95 106.58


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Notes to Editors:

  1. SWNS conducted an online research survey via Onepoll which interviewed a random sample of 3,000 parents between 12th and 19th April 2010. The exact figure according to the research is £1,052.85
  2. The exact figure according to the research is £959.01
  3. This figure takes into account both cash and gift vouchers