Our 2017 Travel Checklist!

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If you’re looking forward to a winter holiday or planning to go somewhere hot in the summer, take a look at our top tips before you go!

Do you need to renew your passport?

This might sound like an obvious question but countries can differ in how much time they expect you to have left on your passport, so even if you think you’ve got enough it’s probably worth checking! Also, don’t forget to fill in the emergency contact details in your passport.

Will you be doing any skiing?

  • It’s important you check if your insurance policy covers skiing or any other sport you want to do 
  • Winter sports do carry more risk and you usually need to upgrade your cover to make sure you’re insured in case you have an accident on the slopes, or if your skis get broken

Going anywhere in the EU? Don’t forget your EHIC card

EHIC cards can get you free or reduced priced treatment in hospitals within the EU. But it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for travel insurance, as it won’t cover you for any private healthcare costs, such as being flown back to a hospital in your country. An air ambulance to fly you back to the UK can cost £30,000 alone!

Have you told your bank you’ll be using your card abroad?

This is important, because your bank may think someone has stolen or copied your card, if it’s suddenly being used abroad, and suspend your account. It’s worth noting down your bank’s emergency number before you set off, as if this does happen you’ll be able to get in touch quickly. It may also be worth while to take more than one method of payment with you.

Check the driving laws of the country you’re travelling to

Driving laws do differ between countries in the EU. For example if you’re driving to France you’re required by law to pack a high visibility jacket among other equipment that you wouldn’t need to have in the UK. You may face a fine if you’re caught without it!

So that rounds up our travel advice for 2017! No matter how you spend your time be it on the slopes or on a beach, we hope you have a wonderful time.

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