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Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant looking for a contents insurance policy, it is important you are adequately insured. Use esure’s Home Contents Checklist to calculate the replacement cost of all your contents.

What's more, we reward new customers by giving an immediate 40% off our usual price if you haven't claimed in the last 5 years.

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Excellent features and benefits of our contents insurance policy

Cover Included Details
Up to 45% No Claim Discount Yes 40% for 5 claim free years, increasing by 1% each claim free year you renew your policy with us (up to 45%)
Home office equipment Yes up to £10,000
Personal money Yes up to £750
Student cover Yes up to £5,000
Garden contents Yes up to £2,000
Seasonal cover Yes up to 15% of the contents sum insured.
Covers gifts for special events such as weddings, civil ceremonies, birthdays and religious festivals up to 4 weeks before and after the event.
Terms and conditions apply.
These are some of the limits that apply to policies bought today. Please click here to see the full policy limits.
These limits are included in, not additional to, your selected sum insured.


Optional Extras

For a small additional fee, you can also add:

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esure allows two thirds of your contents sum insured for household goods and one third for high risk items. Household goods are all goods including clothing, linen, carpets, curtains and blinds, which belong to you or household or for which you are legally responsible. High risk items are particularly attractive to thieves, they are items which belong to you or for which you or your household are legally responsible. These consist of: jewellery, antiques, paintings, mobile phones, computer equipment, watches, furs, stamp/coin collections and pedal cycles. Please see your policy wording for more information.

For help with calculating the value of your home's contents download our Home Contents Checklist.

Need to change the amount allocated to Household goods or high risk items call 0345 045 8000 to see if we can cover you.

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