Youtube kick boxing fraudster ko'd by judge in court

esure has won a fraud case against Dawid Masel, a kick boxing fraudster who tried to claim injuries sustained in the ring during a fight were as a result of a previous car accident, which in fact he walked away from uninjured.

The case related to a very minor incident which took place on 12 September 2014 where an esure customer had a minor bump with the rear of Mr Masel's vehicle at low speed in heavy traffic. However, Mr Masel, of Weston-Super-Mare, claimed that he was jolted on impact to such an extent that his knee hit the dashboard and his head hit the side of his vehicle. He was examined three weeks post-accident and claimed that he had subsequently been unable to take part in any sporting activities. He attempted to claim for alleged whiplash injuries lasting for four months.

However investigations by esure and specialist legal firm Horwich Farrelly discovered a publicly available video on YouTube of the claimant, taking part in and winning a 'Total Full Contact' kickboxing fight. The fight took place just five weeks after the incident and two weeks after the medical examination.

As the name suggests the fight was extremely physical with the claimant sustaining a number of blows to his head and left knee, both of which he later claimed to have injured as a result of the car accident when consulting a private doctor.

The video footage was presented to Mr Masel's legal representatives with the expectation he would take a sensible view and discontinue his claim. Instead he and his solicitor attempted to tailor his evidence to undermine the video by suggesting he had "largely recovered" from his alleged injuries prior to the fight.

The video ( was played in court and unsurprisingly the Judge found it to be particularly compelling, remarking in her judgment that it showed a man "in the picture of health". The claim was instantly dismissed and the judge ruled the claimant as being fundamentally dishonest ordering him to pay costs incurred of over £4,000.

Glen Eastwood, Head of Technical Claims at esure, said: “We are delighted with the result in this case. esure investigates all claims thoroughly and this is another example of someone trying to make a fast buck at the expense of law abiding motorists by claiming they are injured, whilst parading their sporting exploits across social media. This particular fraudster was lucky just to get away with a substantial financial penalty as he could have been looking at a police record which would seriously affect his future.”

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