Make the most of your outdoor space with our top 5 gardening tips

National Gardening Week

It's National Gardening week this week. Check out our guide on getting the most from your outdoor space - no matter how big it is.

Gardening is good for the soul, can help relieve stress and is a great all round workout.

No matter how green fingered you are, here are our gardening tips on getting the most from your slice of the outdoors.


1 – Think about your location

Plan around what plants will work best for the conditions in your space depending on the kind of soil you have, how much sunlight and the space available. Do your research before heading to the garden centre so that you’re not tempted to waste money on plants that look wonderful but will never thrive in your garden. If in doubt your local garden centre will be able to advise.


2 – Lighting

Great lighting can make your outdoor space look magical, with well placed solar lights on the paths and fairy lights in bushes and trees. It also means you can still make the most of your garden even when the sun’s gone down.


3 – Seating

To make the most of your time outside you need somewhere comfy to sit right? Have a think about what you’ll spend most of your time doing; entertaining, eating, relaxing with a book and then plan your seating accordingly. Beanbags and hammocks make a great alternative to more traditional seating.

If you’re limited on space, why not build seating into your garden. A bench with cushions around the trunk of a tree or some comfy cushions placed around your decking. If you’re making the most of a balcony space how about some folding furniture that can be easily stored when you don’t need to use it.


4 – Going organic

There’s nothing quite like the taste of homegrown fruit and veg. If you have the luxury of space, consider a separate vegetable patch. Again make sure you plan what to plant in advance as some vegetables can take on a life of their own and dominate the patch.

If you have a smaller space, window boxes of herbs and salads will do well. Also hanging baskets with fruit such as strawberries, these look great and make for a handy snack.


5 – Add a garden feature

Something that makes your garden individual. We asked around our team for their ideas.

  • Shed or man cave – whether it’s somewhere to escape to, an outdoor bar or just to hide the kids ride on toys. Give your shed a lick of bright outdoor paint and make it a garden feature.


  •   Water feature – the sound of running water can be so relaxing and can attract an abundance of wildlife (if that’s what you’re after). Just make sure you make it child and pet proof.


  • Statement pieces – sculptures and ornaments can really add a sense of creative flair to a garden and a stamp of individuality. Our favourite was a flock of pink flamingos.


  • Wall art  -  If your outdoor space is small, adding a mosaic or wall painting makes a really good use of the space available & if you’ve got a creative side why not use it to commission your first masterpiece.


Don’t forget, garden contents and personal tools stored in a shed, garage or outbuilding  are covered up to £2,000 with esure policies.  Make sure that you always keep your personal tools and garden equipment safely locked away when you’re not using them and that you check all items such as sheds & trampolines are secure, especially in windy conditions.