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Car insurance

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Courtesy car

Why choose esure car insurance


  • Courtesy car - provided while your car is being repaired by our recommended repairers
  • Driving other cars - policy holder only, subject to eligibility

  • Windscreen cover - repair or replacement with our recommended windscreen specialists
  • Legal liability - unlimited cover for death or injury to other people
  • Motoring legal advice line - available day or night

  • Guaranteed repair work - for five years if you use one of our recommended repairers
  • In car entertainment - cover for loss or damage to permanently fitted electronic equipment

Frequently asked questions


Can I drive another car on my insurance?

If you need to drive another car, and you’ve got Fully Comprehensive insurance with esure, in most cases the answer is yes. As long as you are eligible for this and you have permission from the vehicles owner, you’d be covered to drive it in the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands. Your Certificate and Schedule will contain details about whether you’re insured to drive another car.

What’s a No Claim Discount (NCD)?

Your NCD is related to the number of years you’ve gone without making a claim on your car insurance. Building up your NCD over a number of years can help you get a discount on your premium as it shows you’re a less risky driver to insure.

What’s an excess?

This is the amount of money you’d have to contribute if you make a claim for loss or damage to your car or other specific situation. Generally, opting for a higher excess will reduce the cost of your premium, but it’ll also mean you’ll pay more towards a claim if you need to make one.

Can I insure two cars in my name?

Yes. And you might also get a discount for doing so – so have a look at our Multicar policy.

How much does car insurance cost?

This depends on a number of things. For example, the level of cover you choose, the car you drive and how long you’ve been driving. These are all considered when assessing risk and calculating the cost of your insurance. Saying that, you can reduce this cost by opting for a higher excess (as long as you’re happy to pay that excess in the event of a claim), driving cars in low-numbered insurance group, and building up a No Claim Discount over the years by driving safely.

What does car insurance cover?

This depends on the level of cover you choose. For example, Third Party Only simply covers the costs of damage to another person and their property in an accident, while Fully Comprehensive covers you and your vehicle in addition to the other party and their vehicle. See the section above for more information about different levels of cover.

Do I need car insurance?

Yes, if you want to drive on UK roads, the law requires you to have car insurance. 

Do you insure electric cars?

Yes. We’ll quote for the majority of electric vehicles available within our market however this is subject to our normal underwriting criteria. Some common electric vehicles we can quote for are: The Nissan Leaf, The Renault ZOE, BMW i3, Kia Soul and the VW e-Golf.



What level of cover should you choose?

Well, that depends on what you’d like the insurance to cover. That’s why we’ve included more information below so you can get a better idea of what might be best for you.


Third Party Only Cover

This is generally the lowest level of insurance cover offered by insurers. It covers the damage done to another driver’s car or property, and payment for any injuries the other driver may have received, in an accident that was your fault. 

Just so you know, the lowest level of cover that meets the legal requirement for driving on UK roads is Road Traffic Act cover. This is rarely issued and doesn’t differ greatly from Third Party Only. esure doesn’t offer Road Traffic Act or Third Party Only cover.



Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover

This is the lowest level of cover offered by esure. It expands the cover offered by Third Party Only to include cover if your car’s stolen or damaged by fire or theft.




Fully Comprehensive

This is the highest level of car insurance available from esure and covers everything Third Party, Fire and Theft offers, plus you and your own car in the event of an accident. Among other things, it also provides cover against accidental damage.





Boost your cover

Motor Legal Protection icon


Motor Legal Protection

If you are involved in a road traffic accident that was partly or wholly the fault of the other driver, Motor Legal Protection could help you recover some of the uninsured losses.

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If we deem it worthwhile that you pursue court action we can pay up to £100,000 (including VAT) towards legal costs. This also recovers the cost of personal injury compensation, alternative travel arrangements, and loss of earnings amongst other things that are not covered by our insurance policies.

We can also pay up to £100,000 for legal costs to help defend the customer for a motoring incident.

Find out more about Motor Legal Protection


Breakdown Cover


Breakdown Cover

Our wide range of Breakdown Cover options are offered with our partner the RAC, who are the most experienced breakdown provider in the UK

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Why the RAC ?

RAC patrols fix 4 out of 5 vehicles at the roadside, within an impressive average of 30 minutes. So if you do need their help, it won't be long until you're moving again. Proof of  their great customer service is shown by  92% of customers recommending the RAC time and time again     

What does the cover include?

Roadside Assistance

Including unlimited labour, if your car cannot be repaired and you are over a quarter of a mile from your home, it will be towed to the nearest garage or destination of your choice within 10 miles.

For a small fee you can add these additional levels of cover:

  1. Roadside assistance
  2. Roadside Assistance and Home Rescue
  3. Roadside Assistance, Home Rescue and Recovery
  4. Cover for any car for you and your partner

Find out more about car insurance with breakdown cover.

Car Hire


Car Hire Benefit

If your car is stolen and not recovered, or we agree it is a total loss, you will get a similar sized hire car by the end of the next working day for up to 21 days while we process your claim.

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The Car Hire offers you the following:

  • Up to 21 days car hire while your claim is being processed
  • We can collect you from your home or work to pick up the car
  • Car hire cover for all named drivers on your policy

Find out more about Car Hire Benefit

Personal Injury


Personal Injury Cover

In the event of death or serious injury, we’ll pay up to £100,000 if you (or any named driver) are at fault, or up to £30,000 if not.

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A brief but not exhaustive breakdown of what Personal Injury Benefit covers you for:

  • Death – £100,000 (Fault) or £30,000 (Not at fault)
  • Permanent total disablement – £100,000 (Fault) or £30,000 (Not at fault)
  • Loss of (or loss of use of) one limb - £100,000 (Fault) or £15,000 (Not at fault)
  • Loss of sight in one or both eyes – £100,000 (Fault) or up to £30,000 (Not at fault)
  • Loss of hearing in one or both ears – £100,000 (Fault) or up to £30,000 (Not at fault)
  • Loss of speech – £100,000 (Fault) or £30,000 (Not at fault)
  • Third degree burns – £100,000 (Fault) or £15,000 (Not at fault)

Find out more about Personal Injury Cover 

Key Cover


Key Cover

If your keys are lost, stolen or damaged, you can call our partner the RAC who will:

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  • Retrieve your keys if they are accidentally locked in your car
  • Take you home to get your spare key
  • Replace the car keys and reset the alarm/immobiliser
  • Replace the lock if your key breaks inside and is not retrievable

If you can’t get back on the road the same day overnight hotel accommodation up to £200 for you and up to eight passengers can be provided in necessary circumstances.

Find out more about Car Insurance with Key Cover 



Misfuelling Insurance

Please note: Misfuelling benefit does not cover fully Electric Vehicles.

If you misfuel your car you can call out our partner the RAC who will get you back on the road in no time at all, we will pay or reimburse you for:

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  • Transporting you, your car and up to eight passengers to the nearest suitable garage within the RAC network
  • Costs involved to drain and clean the fuel system
  • Replenishing the fuel tank with 10 litres of fuel*
  • Hire car to complete your journey, up to £150
  • Reimbursement of £25 worth of fuel, on presentation of receipt

*This does not apply if the damage is part of an accidental damage claim

Find out more about Misfuelling Insurance


You could save money with esure Multicar


More than one car at home? Get Multicar benefits for you, your partner and anyone else who lives with you if they’re over 25.

  • A Multicar discount on all cars once you have two or more cars insured with us. Nice.
  • 1 year quote promise – your Multicar quote will be guaranteed for 1 year if your details don’t change. You can also add additional cars as and when you’re ready.
  • Separate policies – if you make a claim on one policy it won’t affect the No Claim Discount on the other. Renewal dates are also kept separate so you can insure your cars at different times.



How do you get a quote? The 5 things we’ll need to know

If you’d like a quote from us, we’ll need some information from you. Once we’ve got it, we’ll use it to work out any risk associated with insuring you and prepare a quote. Here’s what you’ll need:


1. Your personal information

To get started we’ll need your name, date of birth, contact information (so we can email your quote to you), occupation and a few other personal details.


2. Your driving history

You’ll also have to answer a few questions about your claims history, whether you’ve any previous driving-related convictions, what type of licence you hold, and how many years No Claim Discount you’ve got.

3. Details about your vehicle

This will include the make and model, who owns it and who’s the main driver.


4. Information about how you use your vehicle.

As well as your vehicle’s class of use (see below)*, we’ll also need an annual mileage estimate and where you park your vehicle.

5. Details about additional drivers

If you’d like to add anyone to your policy as a named driver, simply give us their details and we’ll take it from there.



*Class of use categories are: Social, Domestic and Pleasure (SDP), Social, Domestic and Pleasure + your commute (SDP&C), SDP&C and business use by you, SDP&C and business use by you and your spouse or partner, SDP&C and business use by you and another driver.

So, if you just use your car to drive around town, visit friends or for the school run, choose Social, Domestic and Pleasure. However, if you also commute to work (even if your car’s parked at a train station most of the day), then SDP&C would likely be the best option for you. And if you use your car for business, choose from the 3 options that fit best.


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