Electric Car Insurance


Comprehensive cover for electric and hybrid cars



Why insure your electric vehicle with esure?

By choosing our cover you have peace of mind knowing that your car will be protected by one of the UK’s leading insurers.

It’s important to know, electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions. As time goes on, they’ll become a significant factor in reducing climate impact – and esure wants to support customers as they transition to a more sustainable way of getting around.

Our quality comprehensive Electric Car Insurance covers a wide range of makes and models – both electric and hybrid. In fact, we regularly undertake customer testing to understand the wants, needs and expectations of electric vehicle drivers in the UK, so we can continue to improve our offering.


Specific benefits to electric and hybrid cars we cover include:


• Battery Cover. We’ll handle every part of your claim if your battery is accidentally damaged – to get you back on the road as soon as possible. That’s regardless of whether the battery’s owned or leased.

• Power Cable Cover. This covers electric charge cables whilst used in connection with charging your vehicle - providing you with peace of mind that your vehicle accessories are insured.



Benefits you get from our comprehensive cover:


A 5-Year repair guarantee

Courtesy car while yours is being repaired by one of our recommended repairers

Cover to drive other cars

Legal liability

Motoring legal advice helpline

24-7 online claims

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Optional extras we offer:


Breakdown Cover

Running out of charge while out and about is every electric car owner’s nightmare. However, our partner – the RAC, will be on hand to take you and your car to the nearest charge point if you take out this optional cover when you insure with us.



Hire Car Cover

If your car is stolen and not recovered, or we agree it’s a total loss, you’ll get a similar-sized courtesy car (including electric and hybrid cars subject to availability) by the end of the next working day. It’ll be yours to use for up to 21 days while your claim’s being processed.



Motor Legal Protection

If you’re involved in an accident that was partly or completely the fault of the other driver, we can pay up to £100,000 (including VAT) towards the legal costs to help you recover your expenses.



Personal Injury Cover

This isn't available to add to esure Flex Car Insurance policies.

If you, or any named driver, dies or is seriously injured, we’ll cover the medical expenses. We’ll pay up to £100,000 if you’re at fault, or up to £30,000 if not.


Key Cover

This isn't available to add to esure Flex Car Insurance policies.

If your keys are lost, stolen or damaged, help is at hand. Just call our partner – the RAC – and they’ll help retrieve, repair or replace them.



We've answered your questions about electric cars

Such as:

1. What is an electric car?

2. How do electric cars work?

3. How do you drive an electric car?

For more electric vehicle FAQs, click below.


Frequently asked questions

➤ Are electric cars cheaper to insure than standard cars?

It all depends on the type of electric or hybrid car you have. The best thing to do is get a quote from us.

➤ Can I insure two electric or hybrid cars at once with esure?

Yes you can. You'll need to take out a separate policy for each car.

➤ What happens if someone trips over my charging cable?

If you run your electric charging cable over a public pathway and someone trips over it, they can make an injury claim. That’s even if you’ve put up warning cones or have used a cable guard cover. Our Electric Vehicle policies include public liability insurance that provides you with cover if some were to trip over your charging cable.

➤ Are there any government funded schemes for electric cars?

Currently the government offers a grant that provides funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing an EV chargepoint at certain domestic properties across the UK. Please go here for more details on eligibility.

➤ Can I renew my esure Electric Car Insurance online?

Yes. It’s exactly the same process as renewing our standard esure Car Insurance. Just head here.