Key Cover

Not available to add to esure Flex Car Insurance policies

If your car or garage keys have ever been lost, stolen or damaged then you will understand the inconvenience and frustration this can cause.

With Key Cover you can rest assured you won’t be left stranded with no way of getting to your destination.

What to do if your keys are lost, stolen or damaged

All it takes is a phone call to the RAC and they will arrange the most appropriate solution to help get you back on the road again.

We will either reimburse you or pay the costs of:

  • Retrieving your keys if they are accidentally locked in your car
  • Taking you home to get your spare key
  • Replacing the car keys and resetting the alarm / immobiliser
  • Replacing the lock if your key breaks inside and isn’t retrievable
  • Taking you, your car and up to 8 passengers to the nearest suitable garage within the RAC network, to collect a replacement keys and/ or locks
  • Reimburse you up to £100 for a locksmith or a taxi to get spare keys if you accidentally lock your keys inside a property
  • We also cover lost or broken garage keys

We will pay up to £300 to replace a lost car key and reset an immobiliser, and up to £300 to replace a garage key. There is up to £1,500 of cover per claim for any replacement locks on your car or garage.

We will not pay more than £2,000 per policy year for key cover.

What happens if the RAC can't get my car back on the road the same day?

If this happens or if your car has been rendered unusable as a direct result of the loss, damage or theft of your car keys, we will either pay or reimburse you the following:

  • Taking your car to the nearest suitable garage or approved repairers
  • Travel costs of up to a maximum of £150 for either a hire car for you and up to 8 people, or alternative travel costs
  • Overnight hotel accommodation for you and up to 8 passengers, up to a maximum of £200 if required

There is no excess to pay and your no claims discount will not be affected with this cover.

Please refer to the policy wording for full terms and conditions.

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