Host Insurance

Provided by Pikl in partnership with esure

Specialist insurance for those letting property on a short-term basis on platforms like Airbnb.

 Cover from £29.99 for a room-only, 30-day property host policy
 Top-up insurance that works alongside an existing home insurance policy to cover ‘hosting’ activities
 Provides cover for guest-related incidents



Who is Pikl?

esure have partnered with Pikl as our preferred supplier for Host Insurance. Founded in 2016, Pikl is an award-winning insurance broker who’s authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They provide specialist, short-term insurance for landlords, holiday homes, and short lets on platforms such as Airbnb, with a panel of top UK insurers. Their expert-advice team has years of insurance experience between them.

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What is host insurance?

Host insurance is cover for individuals who’d like to let their property – e.g. their own home, a second home or a room in their own home – on a short-term basis (usually under 6 months). The property or room needs to be listed on home-sharing platforms like Airbnb.

It is specialist cover that can be added to an existing home insurance policy – providing peace of mind against guest-related incidents in the property (e.g. theft, malicious damage, legal claims).


Do you need host insurance?

The majority of standard home insurance providers don’t offer cover for short-term lets. Even if they do, some may limit the cover by excluding certain parts of the policy. Pikl Host Insurance, however, offers protection for where there are gaps in cover.

So, before you let your property, it’s best to check with your existing home insurer first to:

  • See what cover, if any, your policy provides for ‘hosting’
  • Check they’re happy for you to add host insurance to your policy

What host insurance and home insurance do and don’t cover

  Host insurance Home insurance
Fire caused by a paying guest green-tick orange cross
Escape of water caused by a paying guest green-tick orange cross
Accidental/Malicious Damage caused by a paying guest green-tick orange cross
Theft by a paying guest green-tick orange cross
Paying guest injuries green-tick orange cross
Damage to a third-party property caused by a paying guest green-tick orange cross


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What cover does host insurance offer?

Injuries and liabilities

Host insurance provides cover if a paying guest is injured in the property and wants to pursue legal action against the owner. The same applies if a paying guest damages a neighbour’s property and the neighbour decides to take legal action.

Accidental or malicious damage

Despite best intentions, accidents can happen in a property or paying guests use it in a way that the owner didn’t intend. This can sometimes result in it being damaged by a paying guest, or the owner’s treasured possessions being broken. Well, that’s what host insurance is for.

Theft or attempted theft

Many traditional home insurance policies cover theft by forced entry. Host insurance, on the other hand, covers against theft of possessions by paying guests staying in the property, as well as against water or fire damage caused by paying guests.

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Frequently asked questions

Why am I not covered by my home insurance for ‘hosting’?

Standard home insurance policies don’t let commercial activities take place at residential properties. So, if you let your property to paying guests or to guests for monetary reward, this may invalidate your home insurance.

Do I need to tell my existing home insurance provider that I want to host?

Yes, you’ll need to let them know that you intend to let a second home (e.g. your own home, a second home or a room in your own home) to paying guests. If you don’t tell them, it could be seen as a misrepresentation and your home insurance could be invalidated or cancelled.

You also need to confirm with your existing home insurance provider that they’ll still cover your property for any claims not related to ‘hosting’, and that you’ll be taking out another insurance policy to protect the ‘hosting’ activity.

Is there any excess?

The standard excess for Pikl Host Insurance is £250, but there are exceptions:

• Escape of water – £500

• Valuables and electrical valuables – £500

• Locks and keys – £150

Please note, these will be shown on your Policy Schedule and Statement of Fact.

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Pikl Insurance Services Limited has been selected by esure Services Limited as our preferred supplier of Host Insurance. esure and Pikl are not part of the same Group.