Best car gadget gifts to add to your Christmas list

Fancy upgrading your Christmas list from socks and pants this year? Well, we’ve been searching high and low for the best car-inspired gifts to add to your list. Just make sure to share with your loved ones!

Driving Days

There are loads of driving day gifts to choose from – whether you want the thrill of a high-speed super car, the excitement of an off roading session, or even a go at driving a tank. There is literally something to suit everyone and on any budget. Remember to check details like location, days and times for the experience and any other restrictions.

Dash Camera

Whether you opt for Front or Front and Back view, a dash cam can provide useful evidence if you’re ever involved in an accident. Dash cams are becoming more and more popular – with one in 4 drivers using one, according to Which, it could be the ideal gift to add to your Christmas list this year. There are lots of options, so be sure to do your research first - consider things like whether you need GPS, what quality footage you want and how easy is it to install.

Speedy charger

We’ve all been there - you stop off to make an important call or check your emails, only to find your mobile battery has died! A speedy charger might be the perfect solution. These high-powered chargers plug into the car’s USB or cigarette lighter and boost your phone battery in next to no time – letting you get back to business and back on the road.

Bluetooth tyre pressure gauge

Maintaining the right pressure in your tyres is important for maximising fuel consumption, minimising wear, and ensuring safe handling of your car. But it’s often a job that’s overlooked – according to Auto Express, a survey of 23,00 motorist tyre pressures by Michelin, found 62% were incorrect and 37% dangerous. To make this vital maintenance task easier, you might want to get a Bluetooth tyre pressure gauge. There are 2 kinds – internal, which need to be fitted by a professional, and external, which you can fit yourself but may affect the tyre valve. Both work by monitoring pressure levels in each tyre, and depending on the model you choose, you may be able to set alerts and get reports sent to your smartphone.

Bluetooth or GPS tracker

Great for those times when you’ve misplaced car keys, can’t remember where you parked your car or if your car is stolen. As with the other gadgets, there are lots to choose from, so think about what features are most important to you. The most common difference is range of tracking - GPS trackers tend to be useful over longer distances, while Bluetooth key rings can play an alert so that you can locate them by sound.

Reversing camera

A reversing camera can help to avoid expensive prangs when manoeuvring your car. There are several benefits to installing one:

  • Help with tight manoeuvres
  • Increased rear visibility
  • Safety alerts or emergency braking
  • Assistance for less mobile drivers

When choosing which one to add to your wish list, consider how easy it is to install, where the monitor is positioned, if a night vision option is available, camera resolution, waterproof rating and price.

With all these car gadgets to choose from, you shouldn’t have room for new socks and pants this year! And if you have a gadget you’re hoping to get this year, why not let us know on our Facebook Page.


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