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To help our customers access the information they need, we’ve created this page so you can find up to date information on how to contact us, what we’re doing to help our customers (some support has changed recently so please read on), and all our Support FAQs.

From all of us at esure, we hope you and your family are keeping well and staying safe during these unexpected times.


If you need to contact us

Our teams are continuing to take your calls and process claims, so please get in touch if you need us.

My Account is available for you 24/7 (including if you need to make a claim), and we will continue to update our FAQs and Chatbot with the latest information

Live Chat. For online support, our Live Chat team are there to help and will get to you as soon as they can (Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-2pm).

Phone. If you'd prefer to speak to someone on the phone, please call:

0345 045 1000 - Car customer services
0345 045 8000 - Home customer services
(Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-2pm)

If you need to make a claim

You can do this online in My Account. Or you can report your claim by calling:

0345 603 7872 - Car claims
0345 601 7072 - Home claims
(Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8am-4pm, Sun Closed)


We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to us all, and some of us may continue to face difficulties.

Our priority is being there for our customers who are facing these issues, so we want to make sure you know about the support on offer to you.

Some of this support has changed recently in line with the Government roadmap out of lockdown as things are slowly returning to normal. If you’re in any doubt as to whether you need to update any details, please get in touch.

Working from home

If you have our Home Insurance, and are doing general office work from home, you are now covered as standard by your policy. However, you need to let us know if you:

  • Have visitors to your home related to your work
  • Make or sell goods from your home or you store stock of these at your home
  • Have adapted your home (i.e. you’re using an outbuilding as your home office or undertaking renovation works)
  • Have acquired new business equipment that belongs to you. Cover for any office equipment (i.e. a laptop) will usually be the employer’s responsibility but check with your employer if unsure
  • Have established, or are planning to establish, a business which is registered from your home address during the pandemic, or have moved the running of your business to your home premises

If you do need to let us know, you can get online support via our Live Chat team or call us on 0345 045 8000.

Payment break

If you need to take a temporary break from making your payments, you may be able to defer your future payments. You may not need to pay any additional charges to do this, but you’ll need to agree to a new payment schedule.

Please don’t cancel any payments without speaking to us. If you do miss a payment it could affect your cover, so please contact us on: 0345 045 1000 - Car customer services, or 0345 045 8000 - Home customer services, and we’ll do what we can to help.

Already set up a temporary payment break? If you set one up with us during the pandemic, this will continue as agreed so there's no need to worry.

Car suspension

If you’re not using your car at all at the moment, you can suspend your cover, and any Optional Extras, until you need to get back on the road, subject to the following conditions:

• You’ve not had a fault claim in this policy year
• Your car is registered off the road as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) with the DVLA

You can either suspend your cover completely, or keep your car protected against fire and theft only. It’s important to remember that if you suspend your cover completely while your car is off the road, it will no longer be covered for things such as fire or if it gets stolen, so please think carefully before choosing this option. If you decide to reduce your cover to just fire and theft cover, you’ll not be insured to drive your car, so make sure you won’t need to use it before you do this.

Regarding payment methods. If you pay monthly, then payments can be amended immediately. Or if you pay annually, we’ll arrange a refund for the difference in premium

If you’d like to discuss suspending your car, please call 0345 045 1000 and we’ll take you through the full terms and conditions.

Already suspended your car? If you declared your car off the road (SORN) during the pandemic and suspended your insurance cover, but now need to drive it again, you must do two things: Inform us to restart your cover and notify DVLA. Please call 0345 045 1000 so we can discuss next steps and your payment options.

Mileage reduction

The changes in our daily lives since the pandemic may have meant you’ve found yourself using your car differently. So if you’ve found you’re driving less, why not find out if we could help you by reducing your mileage?

Already told us you are driving less? If you told us you're doing this because of the pandemic, but that has changed, you need to update us with a more accurate mileage estimate by calling 0340 045 1000.

Vehicle usage

Vehicle usage. If you’re commuting to work again or using your car for business and don’t have this cover on your policy, you need to let us know so the relevant cover can be added, as this is no longer automatically included. You can find more information on the different types of vehicle use at

Still using your car for volunteer work? If you’re using your car for volunteer work to support people in your community impacted by Covid-19 (e.g. to transport medicines or groceries), your cover will not be affected and you don’t need to tell us or make changes to your policy. We’ve been part of a long-standing volunteer driving agreement covering this type of voluntary work.

Waiving fees and NHS and Emergency Service help

When the pandemic was at its peak, we were able to help our customers most in need. As things are slowly returning to normal, we're unfortunately no longer able to offer this level of support.

Looking for advice?

National Debtline, if you live in England, Wales or Scotland: 0808 808 4000 or

Money Advice Service, free unbiased information and advice: 0800 138 7777 or
0141 572 0237 or

Citizens Advice Bureau, free impartial advice: 0344 411 1444 or, or

Customer Support FAQs