Summer home security top tips

After what might feel like a long wait, summer is finally here! The longer days and (mostly) better weather mean more time outdoors, perhaps heading off on some long-awaited day trips and, for some of us, maybe even a summer break. While it’s something that’s easy to forget when you’re planning some fun in the sun, home security can be even more important at this time of year, as more open windows and empty houses can tempt opportunistic thieves to make their move. To help keep your home more secure this summer, take a look at our top tips.

1. Thieves often keep an eye out for signs someone hasn’t been into a property for a while, such as piles of post or deliveries left on the doorstep. If you’re going away for more than a day or two, think about asking a neighbour if they’d have time to pop in and move any post or parcels out of sight of prying eyes.


2. Another tell-tale sign of an empty house is darkness – if there aren’t any lights on in the evening (and there isn’t a power cut!) it’s a good indication no-one’s home. If you’re planning some time away, consider getting some timers for any plug in lights you have, or, if your neighbour doesn’t mind doing you another favour, see if they can turn on some lights for a few hours each evening.


3. While it’s tempting to pop some holiday snaps on Facebook or ‘check in’ while you're out and about, more and more thieves are using social media to help them target people’s empty properties while they’re not there. It’s a better idea to save your photos and stories for when you’re back home, just in case.


4. Staying closer to home and spending time in your back garden? Make sure your front door and windows at the front of the house are securely shut – that way you’ll prevent any opportunistic thieves taking advantage of your time in the sun.


5. It’s not just items inside the house that can catch the eye of would-be criminals. Bikes, lawnmowers and other high value items left in the garden can also be an easy target if they’re left outside. So make sure you lock them safely out of reach in your shed or garage when you’ve finished using them.


6. While it’s tempting to leave a cool breeze flowing through your house at night, make sure you lock all accessible doors and windows before you head to bed. Over 50% of burglaries take place between 6pm and 6am (according to the ONS), so don’t give thieves a helping hand.

7. Lastly, give your Home Insurance cover a quick check to make sure your cover fully meets your needs, just in case. If you’re an esure customer you can check your policy details in My Account, or find our latest policy booklet here. Don't forget to let your insurer know if you plan to be away for more than 30 consecutive days, as many policies won't cover a property unoccupied for this length of time.


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