Making a Travel Insurance Claim


Making a Travel Insurance Claim

Below is a summary of how to make a claim - please take time to read the full claim section in your Policy Booklet when you receive it.

Keep your policy details safe and take them with you when you go on holiday. You'll need your Policy Booklet if you have to make a claim.

Make sure you have your policy number with you when you phone.

When you’re away:

  • If you're in an emergency where you need medical treatment please contact us on: 
    +44 (0)208 603 9961 for travel policies connected to esure home insurance or on separate travel policies bought before 10th December 2019
    +44 (0)203 926 0272 for policies bought on or after 10th December 2019 which are not connected to your esure home insurance
  • If you're claiming compensation for theft, mugging, loss, damage in transit, travel delay or catastrophe, you must get a written report from the relevant authority. Please keep any receipts that will support your claim
  • If you need to get home before the end of your holiday, contact us on the number shown above before you go home

When you're back home:

If you need to make a claim, please call 0345 600 3951 for claims against travel policies connected to esure home insurance or on separate travel policies bought/renewed before 10th December 2019 or 0203 926 0271 for claims against policies bought/renewed on or after 10th December 2019 which are not connected to your esure home insurance.

  • For all claims, you'll need to provide your original booking invoice/receipt
  • For any claim which is the result of accident, bodily injury or illness, you’ll also need to complete or obtain a medical certificate

You'll also need to provide certain documents depending on which section of the policy you are claiming under:


  • Cancellation invoice
  • For claims relating to illness or injury a medical certificate will need to be completed by the treating doctor.
  • For claims resulting from death by accident or illness, a copy of the death certificate, or
  • For claims resulting from redundancy, a letter from your employer confirming date of notification of redundancy and that you qualify for payments under redundancy legislation
  • If your claim results from any other circumstances, please provide evidence of these circumstances.

Medical Expenses:

  • Medical evidence from the treating doctor to confirm the illness or injury and treatment given including hospital admission and discharge dates, if this applies. 
  • If you are advised by a doctor at your resort that you cannot go on your pre-booked excursions because of medical reasons, you should obtain a medical certificate from them confirming this.

Personal possessions and Personal money

  • Report the theft, damage or loss to the police within 24 hours of discovery and ask them for a written police report.
  • If appropriate, you should also report the theft, damage or loss to your courier or hotel / apartment manager and ask for a written report.
  • Original receipts, vouchers or other suitable evidence of purchase / ownership / value for lost, stolen or damaged personal possessions.
  • Confirmation, such as foreign exchange receipts and withdrawal slips, from your bank or bureau de change for issuing foreign currency, or suitable evidence for Sterling.
  • Keep any damaged items as we may need to inspect them.  If we make a payment, or we replace an item, the item will then belong to us.
  • Obtain an estimate for repair for all damaged items.

Loss or damage in transit claims / delayed possessions:

  • Please obtain a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) from the airline or a carrier’s report from the rail company, shipping line or their handling agent. This should be done within 7 days of the delay / loss / damage. You have 21 days to write to the airline confirming details of essential replacement items purchased.

If your passport is lost, stolen or destroyed:

  • A receipt from the Consulate confirming the cost of the replacement passport and a written report from the police if your passport is stolen.

Missed departure:

  • Detailed account of the circumstances causing you to miss your departure together with supporting evidence from the public transport provider or accident / breakdown authority attending the private vehicle you were travelling in.

Delayed departure:

  • Written confirmation from the airline, rail company, shipping line or their handling agent of the scheduled and actual departure times and why the departure was delayed.