Home Extension or New Home? We Help You Decide

home extensions


If you’ve got your sights set on more living space, check out our blog on whether to extend or move.

Car Repair and Maintenance Tips

car repair and maintenance


As any vehicle owner knows, car repair can be one of the costliest aspects of owning a car. The good news is that by dedicating some time to maintaining your car yourself, you can often prevent small problems turning into big and expensive ones.

Avoiding Breakdown: 4 Summer Car Care Tips

avoiding breakdown


As the summer holidays approach, we’ve lined up our top tips to help you avoid breaking down this summer.

How to avoid road rage



The early morning commute can be a pain, especially if you drive to work. Watching the dashboard clock edge closer to 9:00am while the traffic ahead of you slows to a crawl is enough to get anyone’s blood pressure rising.

How to feel at home with insurance terms



At esure, we think homes should be about comfort; and home insurance shouldn’t be any different.

Helping you steer through car insurance jargon



At esure, we like to try and keep things simple, so we believe in demystifying car insurance (and de-misting car windows, for that matter).

Your top car insurance questions answered



Here at esure we want you to fully understand the cover you’re buying and all of the options available, and that’s why we try to communicate in plain English, so everyone knows exactly where they stand.

Great DIY hacks to improve your home improvements

Great DIY hacks to improve your home improvements


If you’re considering using the bank holiday season to complete a few DIY jobs around the house, you’re probably not alone.

Your top home insurance questions answered

Your top home insurance questions answered


At esure, we’re on a mission to demystify insurance and the feedback from our customers is important in helping us to achieve that.