About esure and Defaqto


esure Car and Home insurance is rated 5 Stars by Defaqto


5 star

5 Star rated home and comprehensive car cover
(excludes esure Flex).



We’re pleased to say that our home and comprehensive car insurance have been awarded 5 Stars by Defaqto (excludes esure Flex). So when you choose esure to insure your home or car, you can rest assured you’re getting excellent cover that has a comprehensive amount of features and benefits.

Who are defaqto?

Defaqto is a completely independent financial information business. Their experts assess products based on the features you’d look for when buying services such as, car, or home insurance.  The research Defaqto does, gives you–and other customers, the opportunity to make a better-informed decision, so you have an idea of what you’re getting for your money. 

What are the Defaqto Star Ratings?

Defaqto Star Ratings range from 1 to 5 Stars, 5 Stars being the highest rating awarded. Although the ratings are simple enough to interpret, rigorous calculations have been conducted behind the scenes to assign each insurance policy the number of stars it deserves. As a rule of thumb, a 1 Star Rated policy would most likely cost less than a 5 Star Rated policy, due to the amount of features and benefits on offer.  It’s important to remember that the ratings are based solely on the quality of the policy.


What does each Defaqto Star Rating mean?

Each Defaqto Star represents a level of features–the more stars awarded the more features a policy has. A brief description of the Defaqto Star Rating is listed below: 

1 Star

A very basic policy with minimal features benefits.


2 Star

Still a basic policy, but has a slightly more features and benefits than a 1 Star rated policy. It's still regarded as below average in terms of what it can offer customers.

3 Star

This policy as you'd expect is middle range, and has an average amount of features and benefits.

4 Stars

A policy awarded this level of stars is indicative of a good quality policy, and contains a wide-range of features and benefits.

5 Stars

This is the maximum amount of stars awarded, and is indicative of an excellent quality policy with a comprehensive amount of features and benefits.


1 star 2 star Star 3 star 4 star 5


How important is a 5 star Defaqto Rating?

This all depends on how much you know about the policy you’re buying, Star Ratings should be used alongside your own research. A Defaqto 5 Star Rating means you’re getting a comprehensive policy with many features and benefits. Whether you want a 5 star or lower quality cover depends on your individual wants, needs and circumstances.  As a customer it’s important you decide what is right for you.  The ratings can help your decision.

How are the Defaqto Star Ratings calculated?

Regulatory changes, consumer research, plus trends are all included, when any policy is awarded a Defaqto Star Rating. When a policy is awarded a 4 or 5 Star Rating it has to meet ‘core criteria’, this criteria includes compulsory features and benefits that the policy has to offer. If these aren’t there then the policy can’t be rated any more than 3 Stars.

How can I find out more about Defaqto?

For more information on Defaqto please visit www.defaqto.com