EV Batteries

An essential element to all electric cars are the batteries which power their motors, these come in a variety of different sizes depending on the style of car you have, similar to the fuel capacity on petrol & diesel vehicles. Smaller city versions will generally have less KWh storage than bigger SUV’s & luxury models which in turn will affect the distance you can travel between charges.




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1. How long do electric car batteries last?

  • Car manufacturers generally have a warranty that will cover the battery for a defined number of years or miles.
  • The majority of warranties will cover up to 100,000 miles but this may vary between manufacturers so best to check when purchasing your electric car
  • You will find over time that the effectiveness will deteriorate, resulting in decreased range & more regular charging, which is standard for all battery types.


2. How much is an electric car battery?

  • The costs start at approximately £1,500 for smaller units (18KWh) in September 2022.
  • The price goes up as the size increases reaching over £10,000 for the largest option (120KWh) in September 2022.


3. How much are electric car batteries to replace?

  • The cost will be based on your car model with prices starting at approximately £1,500 (September 2022). However, the larger the battery the more it will be.



4. What happens to electric car batteries?

  • An EV battery has a second life after performance falls below 70% on specific EV models, this occurs between 100,000 & 200,000+ miles.
  • They can then be used as storage cells for renewable energy sources such as solar panels. 
  • Electric car manufacturers are also making investments in large battery storage systems.
  • These are already being used to provide back-up power to large national arena’s & to power fridges, freezers & food warmers in supermarkets.



5. Do electric cars have batteries?

  • Yes, all electric cars have batteries as this is the main source of energy to power the motors on the vehicle.
  • Most electric cars will also have a 12v battery that is used to start the car & allow other onboard electronics to function.


6. How big is an electric car battery?

  • Sizes vary between manufacturer & model.
  • The details of a car’s battery pack will be listed in the specifications.
  • As it stands, the smallest on the market is 18KWh with the largest being 120KWh (September 2022).



7. Do you own the battery in an electric car?

  • Generally, when buying most modern EV’s you own the battery & it is part of the purchase price of the vehicle – but check with the manufacturer you’re purchasing an EV from for clarification.



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