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You can add these FREE for the first year when you buy combined Buildings and Contents Insurance:

  Family Legal Protection
  Home Emergency Cover

Plus we're rated 5 stars by defaqto.


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Whether you live in a warden controlled apartment or are still in the home you raised your family in, our insurance has something for you. We pride ourselves on our customer service and aim to be as clear and upfront as possible, so you know what you’re getting for your money. Our insurance has been rated 5 Stars by independent financial researcher Defaqto–the highest rating awarded, so you can be sure when you buy your home insurance from us, it’s up there with the best.


I'm moving to be nearer family. Will the cost of my home insurance change?

If you’re moving to a new property be it a bungalow or warden controlled apartment, what you pay for your insurance will most likely change–especially if you’re downsizing. But the size of your new home isn’t the only factor that can affect what you pay, the location is also important. If you’re moving to a smaller property that also is in an area with lower levels of crime you could pay considerably less. But if you’re moving to somewhere that’s on a flood plain you could be paying a lot more. The material of your new home can also influence the price of your new policy, older homes can be more costly to insure as newer homes may have more modernized central heating and electrical systems.


I'm looking for over 80s home insurance -what's the difference between contents and buildings cover?

Contents insurance covers your possessions and any furnishing you might have. For example carpets, curtains, your television, and computer. An easier way to think about it is imagine tipping your house upside down, everything that falls out could be considered contents. Buildings insurance on the other hand covers the fixtures and fittings of your home, such as your fitted bathroom and kitchen, the walls floors, and ceiling. In other words anything that is structural in your property.


My house has been adapted, what sort of adaptations do you cover?

When shopping around for over 80s home insurance, it’s important you get cover that meets your needs. If you have adapted your house, for example fitted a stair lift, we would aim to cover it as part of your buildings policy. If you’ve have made any other modification and want to know if they are covered, please get in touch or find out more in our policy document.


Contents cover – what does over 80s home insurance look like with esure?


Contents Cover
  • New for old cover – we like to keep things simple so if we think any of your items need replacing, they are replaced as new.
  • Garden contents up to £2000 – good if you like to spend your afternoons tending to your plants, or reclining on your lounger.
  • Money in your home up to £750 – if you have any cash that is stolen in your home our cover is designed to reimburse you.
  • Visitors’ belongings up to £2500 – if you have friends or family over often we aim to protect their things as well as yours.
  • Freezer and fridge contents up to £1000 – when your fridge or freezer gives up the ghost, don’t worry our cover intends to replace your food if it spoils.
  • Shed cover and garage cover up to £2000 – from fishing tackle to train sets, whatever your hobby is, we aim to cover it in the event of a theft.
  • Up to 40% No Claim Discount after five years – if you never make a claim, you could save on your next contents policy with us.


Buildings cover – what does over 80s home insurance look like with esure?


  • Buildings cover – unlimited, so you’re not underinsured.
  • Alternative accommodation up to £75000 – if we think you can’t stay in you’re home we aim to pay for you to stay somewhere else.
  • Fixtures and fittings – we aim to cover your kitchen, or bathroom suite if it needs replacing after an insured event.
  • External door locks up to £1000 – if you lose or have your door keys stolen, we aim to help you as soon as we can, by either replacing or fitting new locks.
  • Unlimited glass and sanitary ware cover – providing the damage is covered by an insured event.


To find out more about what we cover please read the policy booklet.

Can I increase my home insurance cover?

If you want increase your home insurance, you can. We offer a wide range of Optional Extras which you can buy to give your home greater protection.
Personal possessions–if you take your belongings outside of your home, they may no longer be covered by your contents insurance–personal possessions aims to bridge this gap and cover your things should you take them outside with you. Find out more on our personal possessions page.
Home emergency cover–no more ringing around out of hours, with home emergency cover we do all the leg work should an emergency occur. Repairs up to £500 including VAT are covered.

To find out more about what we cover please read the policy booklet.

As a new customer you can these add at no extra cost in your first year when you buy Buildings and Contents Insurance with esure:

Family Legal Protection
Home Emergency Cover
  • Access to expert lawyers with up to £50,000 legal costs covered for you and your family
  • No Claim Discount not affected
  • One call to us and we'll arrange for a contractor to visit your home and carry out emergency repairs. Call-out charge, labour cost, parts and materials to a limit of £500 (including VAT), no problem, that's covered by esure.