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What is Students Insurance?

Student contents insurance aims to protect your belongings while they are kept in your halls of residence. It’s very similar to a general contents insurance policy, protecting your things if they were to get damaged or stolen from your room.

Even though you may not have a lot in your new room, laptops and mobile phones can be extremely lucrative finds for thieves–as well as SLR cameras, and instruments, for those studying photography or music.


My parents have contents insurance. Do I have student contents cover?

As a student, insurance is the last thing you want to think about, your mind is rightly elsewhere, focussing on your course work or spending time with friends.

If your parents have esure Contents Insurance, student insurance is included as standard in our contents policy provided you reside in college/university halls of residence. So all you have to do is make sure all your things are included on their cover. Especially if any of your belongings cost more than £1499 to buy brand new–these are known as specified items, which have to be accepted by us.


What does esure contents insurance for students look like?

So you’ve accepted an offer and have found somewhere to live. What happens next? Well as long as you live in college / university halls of residence or boarding school, not much – if you or your family have a contents policy with esure.

As a rule of thumb, when comparing contents insurance, students should look at each policy carefully, and choose what’s right for them.

So you get an idea of the level of cover you get with esure here is a summary of our student insurance…

As a student you could get up to £5,000 of cover for your belongings as long as you keep them in a locked room.

We would aim to cover your things if any of these unfortunate situations were to happen in your halls of residence:

  • Fire
  • Theft or attempted theft of your things, if someone has used violence or force to enter your room
  • Water damage from leaks or flooding
  • Vandalism

It’s important to know that if any of your belongings cost more than £1,499 to replace as new, you would have to list them separately as a specified item.

To find out more about the types of events we cover please read our policy booklet.

Does my cover with esure include student laptop insurance?

Yes, your laptop is considered as part of your content, and could be covered. If you want to protect your laptop while you are outside your halls of residence you will need to have our Personal Possessions Cover.

Is my phone covered too?

When you're a student, phone insurance is a necessity, especially if you need a replacement, after dropping it in the sink! For that reason phone insurance is included as standard in our contents insurance policy.

If you want to protect your phone while you are outside your halls of residence you will need to have our Personal Possessions Cover.


Would you cover my bike if I take it away with me to uni?

Providing your bike is stored in a safe place, such as a bike shed in your halls of residence and secured with a lock we could cover it. Unfortunately we don’t accept claims when individual parts of the bike have been stolen, such as the saddle or wheel.

If your bike costs more than £500 to buy brand new it would have to be specified separately and accepted by us. This is what’s known as a specified item.

When can't I make a claim?

Sometimes there might be occasions when you might not be able to claim on your student contents insurance. So you’re clear on what you can and can’t claim for, we’ve listed some of what’s excluded from our cover below.

  • If any of your belongings such as clothes and jewellery are damaged in transit to uni, or while you’re moving, carrying, or wearing them, they won’t be covered
  • If you’re going home over the summer and you’ll be leaving your things in your room, the maximum amount of time you can be away is 15 consecutive days, any longer and our cover is no longer valid

This is just a summary of what’s excluded from our student cover, to read in full about the different types of exclusions there are, please read our policy booklet.


Add more to your student contents insurance

If you or your family have bought our Optional Extras such as personal possessions cover, this could also be valid alongside your student contents insurance.

Personal Possessions
Personal Possessions Cover

Personal possessions could be particularly useful if you’re going to and from lectures or commute to uni with your laptop. It aims to cover your things when you take them outside your home. That way you’re still protected if they get lost or stolen.

Learn more


For full information, and terms and conditions on these Optional Extras please look at the policy booklet.

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