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The leak prevention and detection solution

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What does geo's new Waterlock system do?

Waterlock protects your home by shutting off the mains water supply if a leak’s detected.

• It’s quick and easy to install by expert engineers

• Wireless sensors around your home detect standing water, or changes in humidity/temperature

• Sensors can be placed in hard to reach places like under appliances, behind baths and under shower trays

• If a leak’s detected, the system turns the mains water supply off instantly. You can also turn the supply off remotely (via the app) if you won’t be at home for an extended period

• Device is compatible with Amazon Alexa





Should I have a geo Waterlock fitted in my home if I’m an esure customer?

Water damage (including flooding caused by burst pipes, or mould due to excess humidity) is the single largest risk to UK homes (geo, 2022). It causes misery and financial worries for millions of people each year. As an esure customer, getting a geo Waterlock could be a responsible way to mitigate these worries. geo’s new Waterlock system is specifically designed to reduce the risk and hassle of water-damage claims for customers like you.

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Here are a few facts:

Around 3 in 10. That’s the number of household claims that are for escape of water. (Finder, 2021)

£8m per day. The amount spent on fixing claims involving escape of water. (Chartered Insurance Institute, 2019)

3m. That’s the number of homes damaged by the ‘Big Chill’ between October 2010 and February 2011 (geo, 2022)

£10,000. The typical cost of household damage caused by burst pipes averaged up to £10,000 (ABI, 2019)

14 litres per day. The amount of water a slow drip from one of your pipes can waste per day. (Waterleak, 2022)

System Components



How does the geo Waterlock work?


Waterlock’s innovative technology reduces water losses at home by detecting standing water, excess humidity and freezing conditions. Unlike most systems on the market today, it not only detects leaks, but shuts off the mains water supply if necessary.

Combined with an intuitive, easy-to-use app, Waterlock’s early-leak detection gives homeowners peace of mind and control of their water whether they’re at home or away.

Watch this video to see how the geo Waterlock can prevent a water leak in your home.




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Frequently asked questions

➤ Will Waterlock still work if my home internet isn't working?

Yes, it'll still work.

➤ I'm not sure if my property is suitable for Waterlock. Can you help?

Yes, geo can offer guidance on that, including arranging a survey. Please take a look at this video:

➤ What do the sensors in Waterlock do?

The sensors placed around your home detect standing water and communicate with the stopcock (via the hub) to turn the water off.

➤ Where will the Waterlock unit be fitted?

It’ll be fitted just after your stopcock and just before any pipes branch off from the main pipe.

➤ How do I pair the sensors?

Click here for a comprehensive guide on how to do this.


➤ Can I arrange for a plumber to install Waterlock in my property?

Yes, simply buy the Waterlock product from geo, then get a local tradesman to install it.

➤ Do you have more information about how Waterlock works?

Yes, you can find more information here.

➤ Are there different Waterlock units?

Yes, there are 2 types. The only difference is that you’ll either need a 15mm or 22mm Waterlock unit depending on the size of pipe where your main inbound stopcock is located.

➤ How many sensors will I need?

geo recommend you have a sensor wherever you think water might escape – e.g. under sinks, under water tanks, and anywhere else you’ve had an issue previously.

➤ How do I change the batteries in the sensor?

You’ll need a small Philips screwdriver to undo the 4 screws on the bottom of the sensor.



Who is geo?

geo is a leading smart energy specialist that’s delivered energy monitoring and management devices in more than 6 million British homes as part of the nationwide smart meter rollout. It has now applied that monitoring and management expertise to the development of Waterlock.