How can I make a complaint?



I’m sorry you need to visit this part of our website.  I say this because we always aim to get things right first time for our customers and it’s disappointing when we haven’t achieved this.

That’s why it’s important that we hear from you when you aren’t happy. This helps us put right a wrong, explain something that perhaps we could have made clearer and generally do what we can to improve your experience as a customer.

The good news is that most problems can be sorted out very quickly – which is what everyone wants.  That’s why we suggest you call us first to see if we can get things back on track for you.  I have detailed below just how this works.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know you’re unhappy. It’s your feedback that helps us shape the service we provide in the future.

Kind regards

Darren Ogden
Interim Chief Executive Officer

The majority of problems can be put right with just one phone call so if you need to make a complaint please follow the steps below:

Step One

If it’s about your claim please call us on:

0345 603 7970  -  Car Claim

0345 601 7076  -  Home Claim

If it’s about anything else then call us on:

0345 601 6736  -   Car Insurance

0345 601 9684  -   Home insurance

Every effort will be made to sort things out for you within 3 days after your complaint is received. Once we’ve resolved your complaint we will send you an email or letter just to confirm you’re happy with what’s been agreed – this is a Summary Resolution Communication.  It will have a link that brings you here. This is so we can tell you about the complaints service we offer and how the Financial Ombudsman Service can help, should you need it.

Step Two

When a complaint can’t be resolved quickly or you aren’t happy with the initial resolution our Customer Relations team are here to help you. This is a dedicated team who will carry out an independent review for you and they act with full authority of our Chief Executive.

We’ll contact you to tell you who will own your complaint and how long you can expect to wait for a decision.  We will write to you with our view within eight weeks from the date you first complained – this is known as a ‘final decision’ letter.

The email address is or you can write to;

Customer Relations
The Observatory

If you bought one of our products online you also have a right to refer your complaint to the UK Online Dispute Resolution Platform where you may be able to get help raising your complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Step Three

if you're still unhappy following Step One or Step Two you can approach the Financial Ombudsman Service. They're an independent body who have been set up to resolve disputes between customers and financial companies, including insurers.

You have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, free of charge.  Although there are time limits for referring your complaint to the Ombudsman, we will agree to the Ombudsman considering your complaint even if you refer the complaint outside the time limits. On the rare occasion where we won't give consent we will explain this in our final decision letter. 

Their website has a great deal of useful information

You can contact them on;

Tel: 0300 1239 123 or 0800 0234 567


Address:  The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR.