Optional Extras and policy enhancements


Accidental Damage Cover


However you try to avoid them, accidents happen. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’re protected for when they do? Standard home insurance doesn’t cover accidents - but adding Accidental Damage insurance to your building or contents policies does just that, so could save you a lot of hassle and money when the unexpected happens.

Personal Possessions Cover


While your possessions are covered at home with a standard home insurance policy; outside the house only Personal Possessions cover can protect them in case of damage, loss or theft. Plus, it even covers anyone permanently living with you.

Car Hire Cover


If your car is written off in an accident, or it’s been stolen and not found, extra hassle is the last thing you need. Adding our optional Car Hire extra to your standard policy means you’ll get a car for up to 21 days while your claim is being sorted, with extra benefits; not extra hassle.

Motor Legal Protection


There’s a lot to keep in mind when driving. And when an accident occurs, suddenly there’s even more! Our Motor Legal Protection covers you for up to £100,000 towards legal costs and gives access to the right level of expert legal advice, covering everyone in the vehicle at the time of the accident. So adding it to your standard policy means you can just keep your mind on the road ahead.

No Claim Discount Protection


Being found at fault in a claim following an incident can mean your hard-earned No Claim Discount will be reduced, which is why back up is so important. Our No Claim Discount Protection ensures the discount won’t be impacted by any claims made. After all, even the safest motorists occasionally encounter a hard drive…


Other insurance videos


What to do following an accident in your car

Think SAFE after a car accident

Things move quickly after an accident and you may not be thinking that clearly. So think S.A.F.E. and use our handy acronym to help you remember the next steps.

Making a claim on your car insurance


We hope you never have to make a claim on your car insurance, but it’s helpful to know what to expect in case you ever have to go through it. Watch our video below for a short, sweet and mercifully jargon-free explanation of our car claims process.

Making a claim on your home insurance


While we hope you never have to make a claim, it’s best to know what to expect from the process just in case. Watch our short video below for a run-down on making a claim on your home insurance.

Understanding your car cover and when it applies

make sure your car is covered

After a motoring incident, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether your cover applies. Watch our new video to find out how to keep your cover valid so you can drive safe in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered.

Understanding your home cover and when it applies

make sure your home is covered

We know insurance can be complicated - even when you have it in place, there could be times when your cover might not apply. 

A modern take on age-old insurance


We didn’t invent insurance - it’s been around for millennia. But we like to think we have the edge over the Ancient Babylonians when it comes to great cover. So we’ve launched a new animated video for a more modern take on all things insurance…

Keep your home healthy this winter

winter health

With the right home habits and a little maintenance, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding emergency callouts during the freezin’ season.

Our Home Insurance Explained

insurance xolained

Your home is your castle, so getting the right insurance in place is one of the highest priorities (along with regular drawbridge lubrication, of course). But there are many types of insurance available and it’s important to know the difference, so let us help explain.

The winterproofed car

winterproofed car

While you should avoid driving in the snow wherever possible, we get that sometimes a journey is unavoidable - and our policies do cover you for this. However, winter-proofing your car and planning ahead can give your vehicle the best chance of getting through the cold season as the leader of the pack.