Accidental Damage Insurance

Protecting what you value most

No matter how much care we put into looking after our homes, accidents will happen, nobody is perfect. Accidental damage insurance helps protect you for those unexpected hiccups, such as spilling a glass of red on your beige suede sofa.

What does accidental damage cover?

Accidental damage insurance is typically in place for one off unexpected events that cause damage to possessions and furnishings in your home, like dropping and smashing an ornament – or something structural, such as accidentally drilling into a water pipe when fitting a shelf.

Accidental damage protection for contents

When buying esure home contents insurance, accidental damage isn’t automatically included and can be bought as a way to extend your cover.

esure Accidental Damage covers most of your furnishings and possessions such as clothes, carpets, pedal cycles, televisions, and laptops.

It’s  worth noting that any items that cost more than £1499 to replace as new, or push bikes that cost more than £500 (apart from furniture), need to be specified separately and accepted by us.

Accidental damage protection for buildings

When looking at the different levels of buildings insurance, accidental damage might be something to consider, as it helps cover mishaps when decorating your new home.

esure Accidental Damage for buildings, covers accidents such as, cracked toilets, sinks, and baths. Or cosmetic damage around the home, such as if you break a glass pane in your door.


  • If you’re planning on doing major renovations to your home it’s best to use a registered tradesperson.  They’ll have their own liability insurance, which will cover any major accidental damage that we might not cover
  • We’ll cover things such as you putting a nail through a water pipe or splashing paint on your carpet, but won’t cover you for more reckless accidental damage, such as accidentally knocking the wrong wall down


Repair of underground waste water pipes

If a waste water pipe that runs under your home becomes blocked and needs to be broken open to be cleared, we will pay for this and the repair of the pipe afterwards.

When can’t I make an accidental damage insurance claim?

Unfortunately we can’t cover for every eventuality in your home – this is some of what is excluded in our accidental damage cover:

  • Wear and tear – for example if you’ve been using your bike for years and haven’t had it serviced regularly, we won’t compensate you when it breaks.
  • Damage caused by moth, vermin, birds, insects, fungi, dry or wet rot
  • Pets – your furniture will not be replaced or repaired if it has become damaged by them chewing or scratching it
  • Bleaching or discolouration caused by the sun, or weather damage caused by a storm
  • Any paid guests or tenants that damage your home
  • Accidental damage done while having your home professionally cleaned isn’t covered


When does accidental damage apply when I’m renting?

While renting and living as tenants, accidental damage insurance might be worth a consideration if you’re renting an unfurnished property and own all of the furniture –   as it helps protect your contents should the unexpected happen.

You shouldn’t have to worry about accidental damage insurance for buildings, if you don’t own the property. The responsibility of repairs or building renovations is usually your landlord’s job, therefore they should normally arrange the insurance.

What about accidental damage done by guests or children, is that covered?

If something was accidentally broken by a 90 or 9 year old we’d still consider the claim. We do cover damage done by guests invited into your home, as long as they aren’t paying to stay there!

Can I increase my home cover further?

  • Personal Possessions

If you want extra cover for your possessions when you take them out of your house, you may wish take a look at our personal possessions cover.

We can cover your cash up to £750, and aim to protect your belongings when you take them abroad – anywhere in the world for up to 60 days, in case they get lost or stolen.

Having to sort out a pest infestation is never a pleasant experience, especially when you have no cover. With esure you just have to call one number and we can cover you for the costs of extermination up to £150.

For full information, and terms and conditions on these Optional Extras please look at the policy booklet.

If you want to add accidental damage cover to your policy please call 0345 045 1000.