10 ways to stay secure this autumn


For us, autumn means wellied walks in the fresh air and a great excuse to hole up with home comforts.
Unfortunately, it also means colder, wetter, shorter days! With darker evenings and longer nights come more
security risks - over the past few years, we’ve typically seen a rise in theft claims over autumn and winter.
Obviously, the more security measures you can take the better, but we know that CCTV and anti-climb fences aren’t exactly for everyone - so here are 10 more practical ways to hit the refresh button on your home security this autumn…

  1. Get in the habit of checking all locks and windows, and setting your alarm* before going to bed or leaving the house – even for short trips in daylight hours (particularly if it’s a daily routine trip, like a school run).
  2. *If you don’t have an alarm, it’s worth considering installing one. It’s not that intrusive to your home and it’s a big deterrent. Many systems will alert you (and the police) remotely if someone does break-in.
  3. Set timer lights if you’re going to be out for the evening or away overnight. Having no lights on in the early, darker evenings is a sure tell sign that no one’s home.
  4. If it’s an extended stay away, ask a trusted neighbour to park on your drive occasionally to make it look like someone’s in.
  5. Exterior security lights with motion sensors are a great preventative measure and you can get easy-to-install solar-powered ones from around £15-30.
  6. Keep your garden hedges and trees trimmed - removing potential cover for any would-be intruders.
  7. Don’t leave packaging of expensive-looking items outside with the recycling, as this advertises their presence inside.
  8. Hide valuables from plain view through windows and keep all curtains drawn on the ground level at night.
  9. We know, it’s easy to lose the little guys, but try not to leave window or door keys in the handle (or visible on the windowsill) as all someone would need to do is smash the glass and turn the key to get in.
  10. Check you have enough Contents Cover in place and always remember to specify any new valuables worth over £1500 (bikes worth over £500) in your policy, so you’re covered should the worst happen. With esure Home Insurance we replace everything covered with new items, so make sure when you’re estimating the amount of cover you need that you consider the full value of what it will cost to replace as new.


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