4x4 Insurance

A cost-benefit analysis…

While you benefit from lots of room, with a clear view of the road below, having your car fall into the 4x4 insurance group will probably increase the price of your policy.

Why is the 4x4 insurance groups’ list more expensive?

One reason is the price of the car itself – the more expensive the car the more it costs the insurer to replace if it’s stolen or written off.

The parts can, in some cases also cost more than other cars you’d see on the road, which again bumps up the price of the insurance policy, as it costs more to repair.

If you were to be in an accident, due to the size and weight of a 4x4 there’s a greater chance of it causing more damage to the other vehicle and anything else it comes into contact with…be it a person or building.

How you use your 4x4 can affect the price of your car insurance…

A typical 4x4 insurance quote follows the same principles as a quote for any other car. If you park your 4x4 on your driveway or in a garage the cost of your policy would be less than if you parked it on the road. This is because it makes it more difficult to be stolen or hit by another car.

Likewise if you boost the security features in your car, such as installing an alarm or immobiliser, this could also reduce the cost of your 4x4 insurance.

Your payment method could also affect how much you spend on insurance, paying once a year could cost you less overall, than staggering your payments monthly.

Are you planning on adding any modifications? Whenever you add something to your car it could potentially increase the repair bill. This, in turn, could mean you end up paying more for your insurance. So it might be worth to ask yourself, do I really need to change or adapt my car?

If you’re a careful driver and have never made a claim, you can save substantially by maintaining good driving habits. Although your insurance policy could increase when you change to a 4x4 car, you can recoup some of your money by making the most of your No Claim Discount.

What is the best 4x4 insurance for me?

We cannot advise you on what the best insurance is for your needs, but we can outline the different types of policies in the market and the level of cover you can expect from each one

Third Party Only this is the lowest level of insurance that enables you to drive legally on UK public roads.  It only covers the other driver’s car in an accident. You and your car are not covered. esure does not provide this level of cover.

Third Party Fire and Theft like Third Party Only, you and your car are not covered in the event of an accident. But, your car is covered if it’s damaged by fire and attempted theft, or if it’s stolen.

Comprehensive coverthis level of cover ensures you and your car are protected in an accident. It also covers the other driver and their car too.

It’s also important to be aware that some 4x4 cars can be classed as light commercial vehicles. Why is this important? Well when it comes to insurance they fall into a different category all together, and would need to be insured as vans!

So it’s definitely worth checking with your car dealer if the 4x4 you want to buy isn’t classed as light weight commercial vehicle.

What does esure 4x4 insurance look like?

esure 4x4 insurance is the equivalent to the insurance we provide for any car you’d see on the road.

Driving off road – if you do want to take your car off road, and drive down country footpaths and bridleways we can’t supply you with Green Laning cover. But if you drive down any bridleway that’s classed as a byway you’d be covered.

Towing – if you plan on using your car for towing, esure will cover you for this. But if you want to add a towbar to your car, this would be classed as a modification, and you would have to tell us when you have one fitted.

esure 4x4 car insurance includes:

  • Unlimited legal liability if you cause death or injury to another person with your car
  • £20 million legal liability to cover the cost of any damage done to someone else’s property with your car
  • Courtesy car included –  You shouldn’t stop when your car does, so while it’s being repaired by our garages we’ll provide you with a courtesy car to keep you ticking over. Please note the car provided is not on a like for like basis
  • All repair work carried out by our recommended repairers is guaranteed for five years
  • Windscreen cover – if your windscreen is looking a little worse for wear, and you’ve noticed a chip or crack, get in touch with our windscreen specialists and they will either carry out repairs or fit a brand new one

Boost your cover

If you want to supplement your cover with Optional Extras, we’ve a whole range you can choose from.

Motor Legal Protection covers you for legal expenses that a comprehensive insurance policy won’t cover you for. You can also add breakdown cover to your policy if you’re out often and don’t want to get stranded in a lay-by.

Driving your car around Europe?

If you’re also planning on driving your car in Europe we can provide you with European car cover for up to 90 days!