Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance


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Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance – all you need to know

You’ll be covered if your car is stolen or damaged by fire and theft. Any third party, and damage to their property or injuries to them, which you’re at fault for is also covered by this level of insurance.


What does esure Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance include?

  • Unlimited legal liability cover for death or injury to any third party, this also includes passengers
  • £20 million legal liability to cover damage to any third party’s property
  • If you use our approved repairers we can guarantee repair work on your car for five years
  • In-car entertainment cover, for loss or damage to permanently fitted electronic equipment, up to £1000 if stolen

How does third party fire and theft compare with comprehensive cover?

While third party fire and theft gives you more cover than third party only insurance, but it is still significantly less than a fully comprehensive policy. Unlike a comprehensive policy, this level of cover:

  • Won’t provide cover if you damaged your own car and were at fault
  • Won’t provide money for a new car or provide one if yours is written off in an accident
  • Won’t provide cover for injuries you endure from an accident
  • Won’t provide cover for your windscreen
  • Won’t provide cover for extreme weather damage to your car



Should I choose third party fire and theft?

We can’t actually answer that question for you as you should choose the level you believe best suits what you need. We can only outline the differences between each level of policy you can buy.

What perks do I get when I’m with esure?

  1. Eligible customers can protect their No Claims Discount for an additional fee whenever they buy or renew their insurance with us. That way our safe drivers don’t have to worry if they find they need to make several claims should the worst happen
  1. All our customers have access to a 24-hour legal motoring helpline for when they are stuck and need guidance on motoring issues


If you want to take your car on holiday with you, you can ask for third party, fire and theft cover abroad, of course we can’t provide cover for every country in the world, but we do cover most places. You can visit our European car insurance page for more details. Foreign use charges may also apply 

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