Third Party only Car Insurance

What is third party only insurance?

Third party insurance is the legal minimum required to drive your car around public roads in the UK. This insurance only covers the cost to fix the other driver’s car and reimburse them for any damage that has been done to their property, or any injuries they have sustained if you’re at fault.  It’s the most basic level of cover you can get.

How does third party only compare with third party fire and theft and comprehensive policies?

As third party only insurance offers you the bare minimum cover to pay for costs a third party may have, it does not cover for any damage your car gets in an accident, which a comprehensive car insurance policy would do.

Third party fire and theft insurance, the next level up is still very basic but will cover your car if damaged by fire, attempted theft, or if it has been stolen.

Fully comprehensive insurance protects your car as well as any third party. You can also extend your cover with optional extras such as breakdown cover, and extra cover for legal expenses, such as Motor Legal Protection.

Is third party only the cheapest insurance to buy?

It’s worthwhile you do a bit of research, as you could find yourself paying out for expensive car repair bills, which for a few more pounds, would’ve been included in a comprehensive policy.

Should I buy third party only car insurance?

Unfortunately we can’t help you make a decision on this one, and it all boil downs to what you need. It’s good to consider your options carefully before you decide on the amount of cover you want.

If you have enough money to cover your car or replace it if an accident causes it to be written off, then third party only cover could be an option for you. 

But don’t forget if you have third party only insurance alone you’ll receive nothing for your injuries if you’re at fault. So it’s not just your car that isn’t covered, you’re not either.

Of course with comprehensive insurance the cover you’d receive for your injuries is minimal if you’re at fault. If you added on Personal Injury Benefit you would receive greater financial cover if you were at fault and injured in an accident.

Does esure provide third party only insurance?

No, the lowest level of cover we offer our customers is third party fire and theft.