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So you own a Volvo. Volvo is a Swedish luxury vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Gothenburg. If you have a new high spec one, you will know that it is packed with features like enhanced safety, sat-nav and more. By insuring with us, you can rest assured that you and your car are in safe hands with our 5-year repair guarantee through our network and unlimited cover on factory-fitted electronics.


What does Volvo car insurance with esure cover?

The level of cover we offer our customers is the same regardless of the type of car they insure. When you choose esure Comprehensive Insurance you get all these great benefits:

  • Unlimited cover – if any third party dies or is injured by your car, including passengers.
  • Up to £20 million – to cover any damage you do to another person’s property with your car.
  • Defaqto 5 Star rated – quality cover, at a competitive price.
  • Windscreen cover – for repair and replacement, windows are covered too.
  • Courtesy car – so you can keep going while your car is being repaired by our recommended repairers.
  • Excellent claims service – we paid out 97% of completed car insurance claims in 2017.
  • 5 years guaranteed repair work – when you use our recommended repairers.
  • 24/7 Motoring legal advice line – get your motor legal queries answered.
  • Driving other cars – policy holder only, subject to eligibility.

Please note that esure only offer comprehensive insurance and third party, fire, and theft. If you’d like to know more please read our policy booklet.


Volvo Car Insurance Groups

We insure plenty of Volvo models, so have pulled together a list of the insurance groups popular Volvos fall into. Of course we can’t mention every Volvo we insure so if your car isn’t on the list, it doesn’t mean we won’t insure it. Get a quote today to find out how much you could save.


Volvo V40 Insurance Groups

One of Volvo’s best-selling cars, the V40 has a lot of engines to choose from and is more economical than most Volvos. The V40 range includes a number of safety features like an under-bonnet airbag and automatic braking. The available engine sizes range from 1.6-litre to 2.0-litre, putting it in the middle range of insurance groups. Remember, if you have a smaller engine and a lower trim level your Volvo car insurance might be cheaper.


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
V40 (96-04) 1.6–2.0 17-34


Volvo C30 Insurance Groups

The C30 is a three-door near-luxury hatchback from Volvo. It has a high-quality cabin and a 1.6-litre diesel engine. Despite being compact in size, many C30s sit in the middle insurance group levels. This is largely due to the many trim levels available, and also because the C30 is aimed at younger drivers. If you have a smaller engine and a lower trim level fro your C30, your Volvo car insurance could very well be cheaper!


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
C30 (07–12) 1.6–2.0 14-34


Volvo S40 Insurance Groups

The S40 is a luxury compact that comes with a choice of engines, including D5 diesel and T5 models. Available engine sizes range from 1.6-litre to 2.5-litre, pushing the V40 into the middle insurance group ranges. The S40 is no longer in production, but can be found in the used market.


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
S40 (96–04) 1.6–2.0 17–34
S40 (04–12) 1.6–2.0 15–34


Volvo XC90 Insurance Groups

Volvo’s XC90 is a family SUV that seats seven. It’s available with a diesel D5 engine, plus a ‘T8 twin’ Hybrid engine. The XC90 is notable for its safety features, which include a whiplash prevention system and low-speed automatic driving system. However, its large size and various engine options put it in the high range of insurance groups. To save money on your Volvo car insurance, your engine size can make a big difference is how much you might pay!


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
XC90 (02–14) 2.4–4.4 35–44
XC90 (15 onwards) 2.0 33–45


Volvo V50 Insurance Groups

The V50 is Volvo’s signature estate car. While the range has changed throughout the years, recent models could come with a 113bhp 1.6-litre diesel engine, a 149bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine or a 143bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine.

In terms of trim, the V50 has four levels on offer. Choosing a trim upgrade gives you access to features like cruise control, rear park assist and 17-inch alloy wheels. Family friendly add-ons are available, such as child booster cushions and child locks. The V50s physical size, along with its engine size and trim options, put it in insurance groups 16-34. If you have a V50 with the 1.6-litre engine and fewer add-ons you could certainly save on your Volvo car insurance.


Please be aware this is a guide only, insurers may group these cars differently.

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
V50 (04–12) 1.6–2.5 16–34



Add more to your Volvo car insurance

Get these great Optional Extras for Volvo car insurance can help enhance your cover. 

breakdown assistance
Breakdown assistance

We’ve partnered with the RAC, never get stuck on the road again–choose between 4 levels of breakdown cover.

Learn more

Personal injury benefit

Personal Injury Benefit increases the amount of cover you’d get for injuries if you were in an accident and were the at-fault driver.

Learn more


Would esure insure my Volvo if I were to take it to Europe?

We do offer European car insurance if you wanted to take your Volvo to Europe. If you just use your certificate of insurance as proof you’ll be covered at most to a third party only level. But for a small fee you can match your protection to what you have in the UK. To find the full list of European countries we cover, please visit our European car cover page.


You could save money with esure Multicar

More than one car at home? Get Multicar benefits for everyone, from your partner or spouse, through to anyone who lives with you over 25.


A 10% Discount

If you insure at least 2 cars, you get a discount for each additional car. Simple.

1-Year Quote Promise

Your Multicar quote will be guaranteed for 1-year if your details don’t change. You can also add additional cars as and when you’re ready.

Matched NCD

This one is just for you and your partner, if one of you has a higher No Claim Discount the other policy will benefit from it too.

Limited to the number of years the driver has held a full UK licence.

Separate Policies

If you make a claim on one policy it won’t affect the No Claim Discount on the other. Renewal dates are also kept separate so you can insure your cars at different times.

Off 20
Defaqto 2019
97% of Claims

*Completed car claims in 2018

CI Awards for Claims

About Volvo

The history of Volvo

The name Volvo, Latin for ‘I roll’, originated in 1911 with the purpose of selling ball bearings by bearing and seal manufacturer SKF, before giving up on the idea and name. The name resurfaced in 1924 when SKF sales manager Assar Gabrielsson and engineer Gustav Larson decided to make a Swedish car that can withstand the country’s tough terrain and cold weather.

On August 10th 1926, the Volvo kick-started its production with ten prototypes being built in that year. The following year The Volvo Group became a fully-fledged car-manufacturing company. In 1927, 280 cars were fully built, with the brand achieving immediate success both locally and worldwide. By 1930 it had sold 639 cars.

The Volvo in the modern era

Currently manufactured in Sweden, the Volvo’s headquarters are in Gothenburg. The company was sold to Ford Motor Company in 1999, being sold again in 2010. The Geely Holding Group, a multinational car-manufacturer owns the brand, and in 2016 the Volvo became the second largest manufacturer of heavy duty trucks.



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