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What is cycle insurance?

If you rely on your bike for commuting or you can’t imagine seeing the sights from anywhere but the seat of a cycle at the weekend, cycle insurance would provide cover for your prized pedal cycle. If your cycle were stolen or damaged, cycle insurance would allow you to replace it.


Is my bike insured?

While esure does not offer standalone cycle insurance, your bike may already be covered if you have contents insurance with esure. Standard home contents insurance cover with esure does cover bikes; however, the most we can cover as standard are bikes that would cost less than £500 to replace as new, as long as they are stored on your property.

If you want cover for your bike when you are out and about, Personal Possessions cover may be an option to consider. It will cover your bicycle when you’re riding around town – not just when it’s kept at home. The cover is still limited to cycles worth up to £500, but if your cycle costs more than £500 to replace as new, it’s possible to add it to your home policy as a specified item.

We’ve provided further details of what each option covers here:

Contents Personal Possessions
Up to £500 cover per item Up to £500 cover per item
Option to specify items over £1,500 Option to specify items over £1,500
Standard type of esure coverage Optional extra that can be added to your esure combined home policy and contents insurance
Covers your cycle only as long as it is kept securely on your property Covers your cycle when outside your home
Covers your cycle for replacement if stolen or damaged Covers your cycle for replacement if stolen or damaged

What is and isn’t covered

If your cycle is lost, stolen, or damaged, we’ll do our best to get you back in the saddle again. Some of what we cover includes:

Replacement of or repairs for pedal cycles worth up to £500 YES If your pedal cycle and its accessories are worth less than £500 to replace, it can be covered as part of your contents insurance and away from your home with personal possessions insurance. If your pedal cycle would cost more than this to replace, it is possible to get coverage for it as a specified item.
Theft or attempted theft of your pedal cycle if only the wheels or accessories were damaged NO Unfortunately, if your cycle loses a wheel or an accessory as a result of theft or attempted theft, it would not be covered.
Theft or attempted theft of your pedal cycle if it is insured by another policy NO If your cycle is specifically covered by another policy, unfortunately, it will not be covered under ours in the event of theft.
Damage to or loss or theft of your wheels or accessories NO Unless the body of your bicycle was lost, stolen or damaged at the same time, your wheels and accessories would not be covered.
Pedal cycles used for racing, pace making or trials NO Unfortunately, cycle insurance would not cover your bike if it is damaged when being used for these activities.
Pedal cycles left unattended away from your home YES If your bike is locked to a fixed object, like a cycle rack, and you have personal possessions cover then you would be covered.

For full details on what is and isn’t covered, please refer to our policy booklet.


How can I keep my bike secure?

If you live in an area particularly prone to pedal cycle thieves, you may be wondering how you can keep your cycle secure. We’ve found that there are two main ways to keep your bike out of harm’s way:

  • Lock your bike properly

    Though this may seem obvious, it’s easy to get careless about locking your bike securely. It can seem fine to leave your bike unlocked outside when popping into a shop, but that can leave your bike at risk. When possible, lock your bike to a stationary object - ideally a bike rack, but other immovable objects are also good. Avoid locking your bike to something like a chain-link fence, which can be cut through easily. Additionally, make sure you lock the frame of the bike to the immovable object. If you lock only the wheel, a thief might just remove the wheel and walk off with your bike frame!

    And don’t forget to buy the best bike lock you can. Locks are rated bronze, silver, and gold on the ‘Sold Secure’ scale – the higher rated the lock, the better chance you have of staying secure – and finding your bike where you left it.

  • Register your bike

    Should the worst occur and your bike fall prey to thieves, registering your bike will help the police identify and, hopefully, return it to you. There are a number of places online that will register your bike, but Bike Register is one of the most popular – and they work with the police.


Other Optional Extras you can get with your home insurance

Getting these great Optional Extras for your cycle insurance can help enhance your cover.

Personal Possessions
Personal Possessions Cover

For a small fee you can get cover for accidental loss, damage and theft of your personal possessions while they are temporarily removed from your home anywhere in the United Kingdom and for up to 60 consecutive days anywhere in the rest of the world.

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Pest Cover
Pest Cover

Spend a little extra to avoid ringing around – you can claim for the call out charge and the professional extermination or control of wasps, hornets nests, rats, mice or grey squirrels subject to an overall limit of £150 (including VAT per claim).

For the treatment of bed bugs this cover will pay the contractors charges subject to a maximum of three treatments/extermination and an overall limit of £200 (including VAT) of bed bugs in one infested area in the Home’.

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For full information, and terms and conditions on these Optional Extras please look at the policy booklet.

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