Alternative Accommodation Insurance

Alternative accommodation home insurance–what is it?

If unfortunately you can no longer live in your home, for example after a flood, or the plumbing in your entire house, has gone awry. You could get temporarily re-homed while your house is being repaired–or while it’s in a state where we think you can no longer live there.

How do I know if I have alternative accommodation insurance?

It’s important to check how much you’re covered for alternative accommodation in your home insurance policy. Cover can vary depending if you have buildings or contents insurance only.

If you have a buildings policy with us your alternative accommodation cover is up to £75,000.

But if you just have just contents insurance, you’re alternative accommodation cover is up to £10,000. This form of cover also aims to insure the cost of putting your personal belongings in storage–which is why you get less money towards your rent or other alternative accommodation expenses.

If you have a combined home insurance policy, so both buildings and contents insurance with esure, you could be covered up to £75,000 for alternative accommodation, plus any money towards your belongings going into storage.


I have a large family, how does alternative accommodation insurance help me?

If we think your house is no longer habitable we’ll aim to put you up in a reasonably similar property. That way you shouldn’t have to worry about cramming your family into two bedrooms, if you’re used to a four bedroom house.


I have pets–what happens to them if I need alternative accommodation

Our alternative accommodation insurance aims to cover your pets too. So their kennel and cattery fees could also be covered, if you can’t take them with you to your temporary new home.


What types of events could make my home uninhabitable?

Believe it or not there can be quite a few situations that might leave you looking for temporary accommodation, while things in your home get sorted.

Of course the amount of cover you get for these situations differs between insurance companies, and is also dependent on the level and type of policy you have.

Below is a summary of the events we aim to cover, should you need alternative accommodation.

  • Flood
  • Fire, and smoke damage
  • Any severe damage caused by criminals entering your home
  • Subsidence
  • Severe structural damage that may have been caused by a storm
  • Burst water pipes, and severe leaks


For a full list of the types of events where you could make an alternative accommodation claim please read our policy booklet.


I may only need alternative accommodation for a couple of weeks do I really need to move into another house or flat?

In some cases, especially if you live on your own, moving into a new house or flat might not be the most practical solution–especially if you only need alternative accommodation for a couple of days or even weeks.

In these situations we may consider putting you up in a bed and breakfast, or hotel. But this is done on a case by case basis and where you do stay would have to be chosen or accepted by esure.

Please note if you choose to stay anywhere without informing esure, you won’t be able to claim back the money you spent on your accommodation. All costs have to be agreed and accepted by us before you book to stay anywhere.


What else is included when I buy home insurance from esure?


Our buildings insurance also includes:

  • An unlimited amount to rebuild your home
  • Cover for locks and keys, up to £2000
  • Property owner’s liability, up to £2 million as standard


Our contents insurance also includes:

  • New for old cover
  • Garden cover, up to £2000
  • 40% No Claim Discount if you’re claim free for five years


Is it possible to boost my home insurance further?

When you buy a contents and/or buildings insurance policy with esure you can enhance your cover in certain areas to give your home that extra protection.

Personal possessions–protect your belongings when you take them outside your home. From mobile phones to laptops, the amount these items cost to replace can soon add up if they are lost or stolen while you’re out and about. Read our personal possessions page to find out more.

Travel insurance–if you’re planning on going on holiday soon, you could get your travel insurance with esure. Our cover is 5 Star Defaqto rated, and can be used worldwide. Plus new customers get 10% off when bought online. To find out more please visit our travel insurance page.