Tenants Insurance

Get your things covered when you rent a home



What is tenants insurance?

Tenants, or renters insurance is there to prevent you having to pay out a lot of money to repair or replace your belongings. This could include furniture, appliances, and personal things such as jewellery if they are stolen or broken.

It’s worth keeping in mind the longer you rent the more things you tend to own. As a result the cost to replace your things increases.

Do renters need tenants contents insurance?

When renting, home contents insurance for tenants acts like a standard contents policy.

It wouldn’t cover anything that belonged to the landlord, this could include any furnishings and items that are listed in your inventory – which, if you have one would form part of your tenancy agreement from your landlord or letting agent.

What does esure contents insurance offer renters?

While living as tenants, contents insurance from esure is designed to offer you cover to keep you protected even when you are away from your home. If any of your possessions cost more than £1,499 to buy as new, or you have a pedal cycle that costs more than £500 as new, you would have to list these items separately. These are known as specified items.


What events am I covered for?

If any of your belongings are damaged and you want to make a claim the damaged has to be covered by what we call an ‘insured event’. Some of the events we cover are:

  • Fire
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Storm/flood
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Water leaks
  • Impact



What’s not covered by esure?

  • We won’t cover any damage done by pets you may have in your home
  • If you’re having your home cleaned by professional cleaners, anything they damage won’t be covered –because they’ll usually have their own liability insurance, which should pay for any repairs
  • If any piece of furniture, or carpets you own lose colour after getting bleached by the sun you won’t be able to make a claim–as this should be considered wear and tear
  • If you’re subletting any of your rooms, any paid guests won’t be covered if they damage your belongings, it will also invalidate your policy with us

What is tenants liability insurance?

When buying contents insurance, it typically includes cover for your liability as a tenant, this form of cover is designed to be very useful to renters. Insurance that includes liability protection aims to cover legal fees and expenses if you were taken to court by your landlord.

An example of something that could land you in court with your landlord would be disputing an item on the inventory.

Your landlord may want compensation for any damage, and could try to get this through the courts.

Does renters insurance cover shared accommodation?

Unfortunately we can’t cover renters/tenants who live in shared accommodation. To get a tenants insurance quote with esure you must rent the entire property, and only live with your partner and/or family.

I’m moving house can I transfer my insurance?

Moving often while renting isn’t unusual when you’re a tenant, home insurance should be interchangeable between properties.

If your new home is covered by us, just give us a call and we’ll transfer your details over to your new address. But please keep in mind an administration charge may also apply.



Boost your cover

family legal


Family Legal Protection

Access to expert lawyers with up to £50,000 of legal costs cover for you and family. Events covered include employment tribunals, damages for personal injury, jury cover, and more.

If you ever use Family Legal Protection your No Claim Discount won’t be affected.

home emergency cover

Home Emergency Cover

Make one call to us and we'll arrange for a tradesman to visit your home and carry out emergency repairs.

Call-out charge, labour cost, parts and materials to a limit of £500 (including VAT), are covered by esure.

Personal Possessions

Personal Possessions Cover

Get your things covered when you take them outside your home. This is useful for helping to protect your jewellery, phone, and other valuable belongings you keep with you when you’re on the move.

Pest Cover

Pest Cover

No-one wants to have to deal with an infestation and if you buy our pest cover you won’t have to. We cover exterminations up to £150 for wasps, hornet nests, mice, rats, and squirrels. Extermination cover is extended up to £200 for bedbugs.

If you ever your pest cover, your No Claim Discount won’t be affected.

Annual Travel

Annual Travel Insurance

Long-haul or last minute our travel insurance is worldwide, with a choice of flexible cover levels. Plus access to a 24/7 emergency holiday helpline.