Tenants Insurance

What is tenants insurance?

Tenants insurance might be something to consider if you’re renting as it aims to protect your belongings if they are stolen, or damaged by theft, fire, and flood–to name just a few unfortunate events that could happen in your home.

The longer we rent the more things we tend to own. As a result the cost to replace those things, if they were damaged, increases. So now, or in the future this might be something you wish to consider.                                                                                                                                                

What does tenants insurance typically include?

When renting, home contents insurance for tenants acts like a standard contents policy.

Tenants insurance is designed to cover your possessions, such as any jewellery you might have, your television, laptop, clothes, and any furniture you own.

It wouldn’t cover anything that belonged to the landlord, this could include any furnishings and items that are listed in your itinerary–which, if you have one would form part of your tenancy agreement from your landlord or the letting agency.


What is tenants liability insurance?

When buying contents insurance, it typically includes cover for your liability as a tenant, this form of cover is designed to be very useful to renters. Insurance that includes liability protection aims to cover legal fees and expenses if you were taken to court by your landlord.

An example of something that could land you in court with your landlord would be disputing an item on the itinerary.

Your landlord may want compensation for any damage, and could try to get this through the courts.

When you buy esure Contents Insurance tenants liability is included and the cover provided is up to £10,000.


Does esure cover tenants who live in shared accommodation?

Unfortunately we can’t cover tenants who live in shared accommodation. To get a tenants insurance quote with esure you must rent the entire property, and only live with your partner and/or family.


What does esure Contents Insurance offer tenants?

While living as tenants, contents insurance from esure is designed to offer you:

  • New for old cover–on any item you’ve insured with us, this can include TV’s, laptops, and sofas, but the damage done must be covered by our policy. For example we won’t replace something if it stops working or breaks through wear and tear
  • Alternative accommodation and rent for up to £10,000 if we think it isn’t safe for you to stay in your home, such as after a flood
  • Any money you have in your home up to £750
  • Fixing or replacement of external door locks–cover up to £1000
  • Tenants liability cover–we could cover your legal fees and any costs you legally have to pay to your landlord up to £10,000
  • Fridge and freezer contents–cover up to £1000
  • Removal cover–we can cover your belongings while they’re being moved by a professional removal company, but high risk items, such as a laptop aren’t covered by removal cover


If any of your possessions cost more than £1499 to buy as new, or you have a pedal cycle that costs more than £500 as new, you would have to list these items separately. These are known as specified items.

For full information on the level cover we can offer you please refer to our policy document.


What’s not covered by esure?

When looking at different levels of contents insurance, for tenants it’s just as important to look for what’s not covered, as well as what is. So here is a brief list of what’s excluded from esure Contents Insurance.

  • We won’t cover any damage done by pets you may have in your home
  • If you’re having your home cleaned by professional cleaners, anything they damage won’t be covered
  • If any piece of furniture, or carpets you own lose colour after getting bleached by the sun you won’t be able to make a claim
  • If you’re subletting any of your rooms, any paid guests won’t be covered if they damage your belongings, it will also invalidate your policy with us

To find out in more detail what we do and don’t cover please read our policy booklet.


I’m moving house can I take my insurance with me?

Moving often while renting isn’t unusual when you’re a tenant, home insurance for that reason, should be interchangeable between properties.

When you choose esure you could have the option of taking your contents policy with you, as long as your new home can be covered by us. Just give us a call and we’ll transfer your details over to your new address. But please keep in mind that an administration charge may also apply.


Can I increase my cover?

If you want to increase your cover to give your home that extra bit of protection, you can with our Optional Extras.

Accidental damage–this cover is designed to protect your belongings if you accidentally damage them, such as accidentally spilling a glass of red on your cream sofa. You find can out more on our accidental damage page.

Personal possessions–many of us don’t realise how much our belongings are worth, especially when we take them outside of our home. If you like to use your tablet on the train to work or have just bought a new mobile phone, personal possessions might be worth thinking about.